A Tube amp Question

This will be my first tube amp.
I am interested in xDuoo MT604 and xDuoo TA-26.
Most of my headphones are unbalanced and yes i know the MT604 is fully balanced and here is my Q, as it has 4-pin xlr can i use 4-pin xlr male to 6.5 female.
Both devise are highly appreciated by Z reviews. I am really interested in xDuoo MT604 for its large sound stage.
I am not looking for specific sound as i dont have any experience with Tubes but in general i like warm and wide sound stage. I have seen a lot of tube amp reviews so i know what a tube basically do to a sound.
These are my headphone collections
DT-770-80 ohms
AKG-K712 pros
Fostex- t50rp Mark 3
Harmonicdyne Zeus
paired with Zen-dac and Zen-can.

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no…you cannot run an SE headphone on a balanced connection unless you use an interconnect that changes it to SE. balanced headphones can run on an SE connection just fine, but not the other way around. doing so will damage the amp. I don’t know all the maths or sciences of why, but have read about it and looked into it myself enough times to know what the answer is now.

if you like how your headphones sound over the ZEN, then you should enjoy how they sound on the hybrid tube amp as well. :slight_smile:

where are you located? if US, take a look at Hart Cables, they should have an interconnect to change the XLR to SE. if you’re not in the US, hopefully someone on here can pipe up with an example of what’s needed off AliExpress :slight_smile:

↑ This

If you want to convert from Balanced to Single Ended, you would need a pair of transformers.

Pinout of the XLR-input may be incorrect.

Trouble with this setup is the cost of a transformer that covers 20Hz to 20kHz is near the price of those two amps you have there. Hammond 850CA for example covers that range and has right-ish impedances (600 Ohm on one side, 48 on the other), costs somewhere beyond 120€ a piece (you need two of them).

If you want tubes for the sake of tubes, get an affordable tube-preamp.
If you want something tubey from xduoo, get the TA-26.