A/V receiver, surprisingly good headphone amp

I’ve had my Sennheiser 6xx plugged into my Old Skool Pioneer VSX 84TXSi for the last few days, and it’s a really good headphone amp, it’s got tons of power, and has a very clean and quiet noise floor, headphones sound pretty effortless plugged into to it.

Not an AV receiver, but i was pretty impressed by the headphone output of the Denon PMA-600NE stereo amp. Beats the headphone output of my other AV receivers (onkyo) and my other stereo amp (Yamaha as501). It has lots of power, and the sound is pretty pleasant - though on the warm side of neutral.

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That Denon Stereo amp has great reviews, i’m not surprised its got a good headphone output. my old pioneer has no problem powering my 6xx to painful levels.

Saw a few very good reviews of it, and then on black friday i got a deal on it, so i just had to give it a try… very pleased with it. Only negative is that the volume controll gets a bit loud a bit early, but that also depends on the speakers (how hard they are to drive)

Have no complains on AV-receivers headphone out. They good, mostly.

Think the issues is more in headphoniles field, Maybe?
Wonder does the spec sheets on pioneer keep true and output would be 335mv ?
Might not be the actual number.

Specs i currently have are 2V on headphone output. It should “push” headphones to be loud enough.

I don’t even know what the output specs on my AVR headphone jack are, I just know that -20 db on the volume is as has high as I want to go, its very loud and literately rumbles the drivers on my 6xx, i’ve never felt tactile bass on my ears before :joy: