A/V Receiver thread

Yes it is expensive, but it’s got a 5th foot!

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Anti-Resonance Technology Wedge

yeea… nooo. lolled when read the description.
No audio rocks on top of unit? :slight_smile:


The denons are affordable have good measurement better room correction
Formats and features. But the reliability and build quality is all over the map when you look into owner feedback on the forums.

Would pay the 2k if yamaha switch to dirac and imax enhanced.

There is zero titles for AURO 3D better shot for nonexistent content with IE than AURO.

The manuals now available on the yamaha website.

AV Receivers are best way to take home cinema to next level.

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AV Receivers are best way to take home cinema to next level.

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Here is complete guide on Best AV Receivers. Do give it a read.

So I spend my TRUMPBUX on a Glock 45, but eventually I did buy a Denon AVR-x4700h after I bought my first house with my wife.

Denon and Marantz all have IMAX Enhanced, but that means even less than AURO 3D since almost nothing has been released with it and theirs not a IMAX upmixer you can turn on, I actually really like the AURO 3D upmixer is works really well.

Been hearing good things about the auro upmixer.

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Kinda seems and feel’s like people are not fully understanding what IMAX enhanced is?
It also the scale, picture and not just audio.
Auro-3D is sound only.

What makes content IMAX Enhanced?

IMAX Enhanced studio partners have announced IMAX Enhanced versions of movies that exclusively feature IMAX’s signature picture, sound and scale:

Picture: Stunning, ultra-vivid 4K HDR picture that utilizes the newest, proprietary Digital Media Remastering technology (DMR) developed by IMAX. DMR accurately reduces noise and grain under the filmmaker’s guidance to best optimize the content for a much higher-quality, higher-brightness 4K HDR display format. Without this technology, high-dynamic range content can actually look worse than what was originally seen and intended by the filmmaker.

Sound: IMAX and DTS have partnered with award-winning Hollywood sound mixers leveraging DTS:X codec technology integrated in home audio equipment to deliver an IMAX signature sound experience with deeper bass and more dynamic range.

Scale: Select IMAX Enhanced titles that were shot with IMAX-certified cameras or specially formatted for IMAX theatres feature its exclusive expanded aspect ratio, enabling viewers to see the full scale and scope of the picture on 4K HDR TVs.

So. What and how Auro fiddles with audio, even without fully pure Auro disk. Even if it’s 5.1 dolby, DTS:X or Atmos… It is just Amazing and much better or finer surround experience.
How the sound localizes and moves in the room (pretty easy to compare with reference monitors)
Or course you need great speakers also.

Not sure what Imax Upmixer is?

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Its a shame no titles for imax enhanced to set the speakers to 70hrz and require over 100db of DR. I know that will blow out the eardrums but who dont like horsepower?

Man, so i got to spend the extra $1k to get AURO. Hows the reliability on with onkyo ?

Picture of my new x4700h in the rack with a AC infinity AIRCOM T8 on top of it


on my 4700 you can control the amount of high effects you get with the AURO 3D sound mixer from 1 - 16, I find 16 is just way too much but it’s cool that they give the end user that level of control.

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IMAX Enhanced isn’t a up mixer, to me its just a bunch of marketing crap so that DTS: X can Better compete with Dolby ATMOS by created their own THX standard basically.

I literally explained what the Enhanced is. So i kinda know it’s not a Upmixer.

But since you mentioned the Imax Upmixer? Was hoping more detailed answer.
Since in a quick search. Nothing mentioned about it.

Not sure where to put this maybe it deserves a thread ?


Pretty awesome doing a full ATMOS set up with powered monitors.

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They could have made it a “touch” better while at it but let’s say it’s “in progress”.
Since they use speakers that should be aimed to the primary listening area. The upper surround is just pointing down, could be aimed bit more to correct position.
Also the should have more damping and room correcting the audio.
You can hear the audio bouncing and echoing.
Just a touch better end result.
But still, pretty decent for a budget build and powered speakers is the way to go in my mind. :sunglasses:

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The windows are a no-no i think ? Although it might be a positive to simulate real world conditions. Its a good sign the sound engineers are taking notice of mutichannel format. No small part due to apple adopting atmos/binural audio.

Would guess the recording guys will embrace multichannel allowing them more ways to be creative.

“The upper surround is just pointing down, could be aimed bit more to correct position.”

This is the Dolby spec, that’s how they say to place the speakers, according to Wilfried Van Baelen the inventor of Auto 3D and immersive surround sound it’s because he patent the angle that the height speakers are at, and if Dolby said to angle it at the listening position they’d be infringing on his patent. I don’t know how true that is but I think ATMOS sounds great in the auro configuration.

They are showing how a independent producer who works from home can build a ATMOS mixing studio at home, so I don’t think windows are that big of a deal since most houses have windows, “hopefully”

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