A/V Receiver thread

Zeos said he wanted home theater content on HiFi guides in his Home Theater 103 video so I thought I’d start a A/V Receiver thread

So here is my Pioneer Elite VSX-84tsxi, I’m currently using it with a Klipsch THX Ultra2 5.2 system it’s getting audio from my TCL 6 series (r625) TV via optical and needs to be upgraded badly!


I’m using Marantz AV/Pre 7702 mkii with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and with the Auro3D upgrade.
5.2.4 theater setup + magic dust and Genelec SAM™ Studio Monitors and Subs.
Sources being PS4, PS3, XBox something, Sony TV, Computers, Tablet and Phones (Web + home network + Streaming).


My HT system is also long in the tooth. But it still looks and sounds amazing. Watching tv/movies is still a pleasureable experience.

AVR: Denon AVR-2313CI
LCR Speakers: Def Tech SM55 and CS8040
Side speakers: Acoustic Research 215PS (on floor angled up wall like @ZeosPantera did in one of his HT videos)
Rear speakers: Polk T15
Sub: A Dayton Audio mutt, 15" driver, sealed box, 300 watt BASH amp
Display: Panasonic 60" 1080p plasma (a basic 2012 model, don’t remember number)
Sources: Roku Ultra, Sony Blu-Ray player (the one with the odd angular top), Steam Link, [edit] a Chromecast, often I plug my Surface Pro 4 in via HDMI, and I have a Topping D10 feeding the AVR via optical as well.

Someday I hope to play with Dolby Atmos/DTS:X, but we are still renting so putting speakers in the ceiling is probably a no-go.


My setup is 5.1.2: Onkyo TX-NR686 – it has 4K, Atmos, DTS-X, etc.
Klipsch RP-280FA, R-62C, Polk LSiM 703 surrounds, Rythmik F12

Inputs are TV, Xbox 1 X, PS4 base


I’m thinking about getting a denon avr-x3600h with my TRUMPBUX. I 'd like to upgrade to 5.2.4 i’ve never experienced Atmos before.

I really would like to play around with Atmos and DTS:X too. Unfortunately I finished grad school and got on the job market at exactly the wrong time. So my check will sit in my bank account to make sure we don’t starve for an additional month. However, I love my Denon AVR and would not think twice about getting another one when the money and time arrive.

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