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The 2020 yamaha AVRs are here. The first 4 models are entry level RX-V6A RX-V4A TSR-700 TSR-400. If im reading correctly they will have 8k hdmi on All imputs via firmware. Also, the RX-V6A page on the yamaha website, picture of the back of the AVR theres preout for right and left channel. Will be interetested to find out what the avantage line looks like.

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Denon X3700 has one 8k hdmi 2.1, e-arc and Imax enhanced. It also can do amp disconnect to run external amps for all the channels.

Marantz also in the 8k with 6 amps. Have been in the front line. :sunglasses:
SR8015, SR7015, SR6015, SR5015 DAB, SR5015, NR1711.

Probably the current Preamps will be upgraded very soon also to 8k standards and new toys.
…Sadly still not with fully digital speaker outputs…

Huh, Yamaha going for a change in appearance too.

Yes, total make over.
Have to say never liked the Yahama look. Not the older and not the new, probably cause the big plastic display part… and now it’s even more of it…

I do like the current Marantz look, no make over. Looks like my AVR.

Amazon had the aventage AVRs up but got taken down. RX-A8A 11ch 3k, RX-A6A 2k, RX-A4A 1k.

Yes, the Marantz has a more premium look to it.
I think since Yamaha split the front of the amp up with that function nob that they should have had screens on both sides, looks odd having one side blank.

If i read correctly all the new yamahas will will be HDMI 2.1 in all imputs via firmware.
Denon got amp disconnect and imax enhanced.

I only managed to find info that 3 to 4 inputs are, rest are not. Depending on model.
Where did you find this firmware info?

But i only see “marketing talk” at this point. Give it a year or two, there will be much much more.
Plus when upgrading TV’s to 8k, they will also have more imput’s as well. So no point just looking input amount on single gear, ain’t a golden ticket.

Plus the more important thing. The content amount is minimal of minimal… Audio features and quality would be more important in my mind at this point. Bad time to upgrade anyways.

True everyone waiting on 2.1 are gamers for 8k/60 4k/120. Should be on the yamaha website the two entry models coming in september. Hell its up on crutchfield for preorder so its done deal. Yep looking at it “all connections support 8k/60 4k/120 via firmware update.” Personally i just need two 2.1 inputs, amp disconnect and imax enhanced is what im leaning towards with the denon.

To me does not say all HDMI inputs are 8k and you have to enable features by firmware updates.
The inputs you have does not support unless unlocked, as to say.
I would bet they cost’s more to apply/buy these firmware updates. :slight_smile: Like add-on’s or micro transactions. We will see.

The hardware is there, something like the denon 8500. The denon/marantz for sure are out in the wild with one 8k hdmi. So 2.1 is here.

Yamaha has often had features that would be activated later via firmware update before and never charged for it so I doubt they will cost extra.

The Denon and Marantz receivers have one 8k 60hz / 4k 120hz input.

I was planning on getting a Denon receiver when they become available locally but now that the Yamaha seems to have all the inputs as 8k 60hz / 4k 120hz I’m conflicted.

So I’m looking at a Denon AVR-S960H or the Yamaha RX-V6A.

One problem I have with the Yamaha is that it doesn’t support banana plugs for some odd reason.

Not sure how many times but one’s again…
“Three of 7 HDMI inputs on the RX-V6A offer 8K support while all four inputs on the RX-V4A support it.”

Not all off HDMI inputs offer the support. Plus it need’s the update to even work.

Ahh ok, I didn’t read the press statement, just the product page where they don’t mention that it is three of the inputs and not all of them, still two more than the Denon though.

I’d bet on that firmware update arriving before the end of the year, around the same time as the new game consoles.

I see banana plugs, the denons are flying off the shelves. Im cool with just the 1 hdmi, mostly 4k movies and music but ill get one of the new consoles.
Audioholics measured marantz output on the 8015 think its making clean 90 watts 7 channels driven And if im not mistaken has amp disconnect like denon. If yamaha cant match D/M in amp section, going D/M.

Theres pictures of the new yamaha aventage line on another forum.

RX-A44: 2 HDMI out (1 eARC) 7 HDMI in
preouts: ctr frt sur sur back 7.1

RX-A6A: 2 HDMI out (1 eARC) 7 HDMI in
Preouts- ctr frt sur sur back F.height R.height XLR=frt XLR=audio 9.1 (possible) 11ch

RX-A8A: looks like it might be 13 ch. 11.1

That’s not promising.

The X3700H and above owners dont seem to be sharpening their pitch forks on the other forums. So thats a good sign.