A welcomed suprise - Microlab FC330

About a month ago, I was planning on getting the Edifier 2.1 S350DB for my desktop setup but was out of stock, and it will be for at least 1-2 more months, isn’t COVID a bitch?

Anyway, around here good audio is hard to come by or is insanely expensive (I live in Israel), so I figured I’d buy a cheap set to cover until it’s in stock or I find something else.

So I bought some of the cheapest (while still look halfway decent looking) 2.1 speakers I found - around 80 bucks. And I have to say I was kinda shocked how good these are, Not they probably aren’t as good as the overall quality of the Edifier, but for 80$? It’s a freaking steal!

Sound quality - These get surprisingly loud but detailed for how small this set is, and considering its desktop where I’m at my desk with them, they sound great. Yes, when you start to push them to insane volumes, you’ll reach their limit, but to be honest, there’s no reason why.

Build - First thing you’ll notice is that they are really small and light probably because they aren’t made out of real wood but they have a decent wood veneer, but they still look pretty nice.
One really thing that kinda bugs me is that the cover is permanently attached to them even though they have pictures of without the cover so you have to be ok with that (maybe there is a way to remove it but i don’t see how). But other than that why are pretty well built they feel pretty solid

Overall I think they are great buy especially if you live out in the “audio wasteland” :smiley:
P.S Im still gonna buy the Edifier but right now im happy with these, so i’d rather spend my money on other stuff


they look good. glad you are happy with the sound.