About Woofer (Mid-Range or Mid-bass). Do I need a separate speaker or not?

I’m designing a project for a speaker box for 3 speakers (Tweeter, woofer (mid-range), Subwoofer). The speaker will be a tower type and will extract the best possible sound quality from it.
I would like to know if the woofer will need a separate speaker box from the Subwoofer, as it has a very low QTS.

Each different driver wants a separate chamber. Otherwise the midrange would get used like a passive radiator from the sub.
Also allows the mid to be closed with a 0.7Q while the sub can be Bass reflex for some extra extension.
Only if 2 of the same driver driven the same are used is a shared chamber ok.

Just wondering you making speakers with 3-way drivers and the design is like “2-way” and subwoofer?

In my mind the drivers or ranges would be Tweeter, Mid-Range, Bass and Subwoofer.
The more traditional 3 way tower in my mind would be TW, MR, BW.

Something in the range of these

Have you looked at ‘Pi’ speakers? Wayne Parham is an expert 2 & 3 way speaker designer. The forum ‘AudioRoundTable’ is a wealth of knowledge. Good luck with your build.