Absolutely torn between the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 and TYGR 300R

Firstly, I am new to audio tech and to PCs, soon building my first and want a good audio solution specifically for gaming. I was going to buy a ‘gaming headset’ before diving into research and now I have been partially enlightened I have settled on Beyerdynamic.

Some details:

These are for PC gaming

I have a desktop mic already

I have no DAC or amp, do I need one/both?

I play both competitive multiplayer and non competitive single player titles.

My motherboard will be an ASUS Crosshair VIII Hero

I have already ordered and received a pair of MMX 300s, because the TYGRs were unavailable, however I have now discovered a way to get the TYGRs. Do I make the swap or not? Which is better? Do I need a DAC or amp for either, if so please explain because I am clueless.

Thank you kindly for any help

i would say without a doubt get the tygrs and never look back. your motherboard should do fine on them.

Thanks for your help

What actually would you say about the TYGRs is superior to the MMX 300s? I’ve heard that they are but there seems to be limited information online

Well for starters the tygrs are open and that’s really all I’d say that matters in this situation. If you’ve never had open back headphones, they’re world changing. And the tygrs are a good example of great ones, especially for gaming.