🔶 Abyss Diana Phi TC

This is the official thread for the JPS Labs Abyss Diana Phi TC

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: Over ear
  • Amp needed: YES
  • Open Back
  • Phi TC drivers
  • $4495US

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In retrospect, we screwed up by putting Diana Phi and Diana V2 in same thread. So Phi TC gets its own!

Here is Abyss’ launch video:

They sure love their adjectives, lol.


They’re really trying to emulate the Apple product videos. lol.

So if I have this correct, this isn’t a new headphone in their lineup, rather, an upgraded Diana Phi (at a higher price).

That’s not what I was expecting. I thought this would be the unveiling of the closed back they’ve been talking about for ages. I was expecting a closed back, and I thought they’d bring things down in price a bit, perhaps to compete in the $2000 market. Seems I was wrong on both counts.

They said in the video that a closed back is coming soon - but it sounds like it’s a closed back version of the Diana TC.

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I’d have to assume the closed back would be more expensive too given they’re typically harder to make. Perhaps we’ll be seeing a closed Diana that costs more than the 1266 soon which is funny to imagine.

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I imagine it’s at least the same price.