Acoustic Music/Modern Music

I wish that artists would make more acoustic albums. I have found that I am enjoying acoustic tracks and albums more, and more, than “studio mixed” albums. The other issue I have run into is they release these amazing acoustic tracks online such as with Youtube but can’t purchase them. I really wish there were more acoustic tracks for purchase by recording artists. I would like clean clear vocals that I could play in FLAC that doesn’t have all this synth and bass.

I hope this is not a sign that I am getting old. What are other peoples thoughts on this?

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I am not sure if I am understanding you right.

Do you mean like “Sara K - Horse I used to Ride”-Album?

I am talking about artists in general. Take for example Dido. I enjoy her acoustic songs that have been posted on Youtube. However, most of the songs on her newest album have too much synth for my taste. I am also finding that I am enjoying acoustic songs/albums more in general. For instance I found myself gravitating towards the acoustic albums of Cranberries more than the studio recorded ones.

Not sure if my tastes have changed or what. I found it interesting so I thought I would post it on here to see what other people thought about modern “studio albums” vs Acoustic ones. If I was unclear in my original post I apologize.

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I haven’t seen this happen a lot, maybe because I don’t really follow my favorite artists on YouTube much, but I can say I have this problem with ZZ Ward in particular: her studio-live (semi)acoustic collabs are so much better than the album versions it’s not even funny, and they’re only available on YouTube.

not an album but one of the few k pop tracks i like probably because it’s acoustic

here are on of my favorites of course all he stuff is electronicallpy altered but just the thing ith being studio albums but mostly acoustic

TIny desk concert is also really fun

As for a potential explanation, I can think of two things:

  • could be just the general difference between a well-arranged live performance and the studio version, where the studio version can sometimes be over-engineered because of the mastering phase, while the live version will stay clean (you can’t suddenly make extra instruments pop into existence, it’s what you brought with you on stage and that’s it)
  • could be a strategic adaptation to modern commercial patterns, where listeners don’t buy albums as much, they only pay for streaming services (which don’t make artists much money), so they have to give you these morsels of what a live performance could sound like so they get you to come to the concerts, where they’re making the real money these days.