Acoustic Research AR-E10s are on Drop right now. Thoughts?

I grabbed a pair of these and I loved them compared to my Tin T2s. At only $80 they are a steal. I am still relatively new to the IEM scene though. Did anyone else pick them up? I’m wondering how they are to more experienced listeners.

I feel lame replying to my own post, but I just saw that Zeos ordered a pair of these so wooo! Hopefully, there will be a review on it soon. I also expect him to shit on the cables pretty hard.


Right on, dont feel lame either. I think I’m set for in ears atm but I’ll prob need a 3rd that is neutral and doesnt require dsp so I’ll keep my eyes peeled on updates with this :slight_smile:

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Well ZReviews finally reviewed them. I am happy with the review and glad I made a good purchase decision with these. :smiley:

Especially since I haven’t tried as many IEMs as Zeos has.

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