Acoustical Room treatment

I would like to know where that opinion (= nobody actually shows proof or a source) comes from.

I am open to having my opinion on a huge chunk of foam and fabric for acoustic impact confirmed or disproven, but I want something more than someone telling me “it be like that”.


Was the video link I posted about the eggs not a sufficient source?
For the bed, Foley mentioned it in one of his videos iirc but I can’t recall which one, unfortunately.

If you really want some answers, you can sign up for a free 30min consultation with him and ask specific questions. Or you can comment in his yt videos and he does a pretty good job commenting on there whenever he’s able to, though you probably won’t get a thorough answer with the yt comments.

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I was more thinking along the lines of so:


Got the visual that sound acts like smoke for some reason. Need a test mic to make more informed opinion.

But have to guess its the bed doing something. The rooms are identical aside from the position of the window curtains. Only other porous material with mass is the bed and in the theater, couch and recliners. IDK

How about diffusion guys.


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I’ve heard it appropriately described as waves and rays. Low frequency energy is like big waves crashing down on you, while middle and high frequencies are like rays of sunlight pointing at you. It makes sense given that low frequencies have much longer wavelengths.

What about it?

these tiles a viable option for diffusion or should i go with the wood thing

If you were to ask me, from what I gather, diffusion should be last in the treatment process. Diffusion should only be used after you’ve dealt with the main problems in your room. Also, you need a lot of it and not just one or two panels.

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serendipity. I follow couple recording youtubers, wish i learned an instrument wouldve got into mixing.

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That is the thing I was told repeatedly when I helped with small events:
DO NOT EVER overdo it on effects or correction!

That is a fight you can’t win! A Church always sounds like a Church, a low-ceiling venue will always sound like a low-ceiling venue.



That pic! lol

Can you get close by surround sound or a yamaha AVR.

Seriously, if they mic’d the space mixed in surround lastest codec (ATMOS 7.1.4 equivalent DTSX AURO etc).
played back through a consumer level system in a treated room.

Its early but preliminary hearing is wall length 100% light blocking curtains sorta helps my room. Unsure about stereo, but might be hearing better discrete effects from surround sound.

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Room acoustic matters, RAM. Didnt think as much but now a true believer.


it also highly depends on the room. my living room has 7 windows in it. my house is old and predates electricity in the area. all the treatment in the world wont do much. I have a bookshelf loaded with books behind each speaker. its about all i can do, outside of way to thick of curtains everywhere. not everyone has a dedicated room to use for audio or home theater. but there are lots of ways with stuff that looks normal so to speak, with which one can use. stands are ugly, end tables are not. and a plant next to your speaker, makes it more pleasing and less noticeable. textured paint on walls. frameless paintings on walls in place of acoustic panels.

edit: and almost none of them are as effective as real treatment, but they can be effective enough.

Mathew from audioholics calls it lifestyle treatment. know i Sound like a audioholics shill but none of the other sites cover this stuff on youtube like they do.

Anyway my front room is all lifestyle items but sounds ok to my ears untreated. Think the size of the space/layout plays a part as well. Approx. 25ftx25ft with a partial opening at the rear. You get lucky sometimes.

Personal results to my ears “blackout/soundproofing” curtains work that is noticeable, havent measured yet. The $100 curtains with the linings. Call BS but the more folds the better when hanging the curtain panels.
So if you have say 58in wide window opening get 2 52in wide curtain panels instead of just one. Bookshelves end tables with lamps.

Fabric sofas and recliners with alot of cushion, shag area rug, double the rug pad. “FUZZ” :grinning:

Last, the ceiling is alot of empty real estate if you cant hang panels on the walls consider going with the cloud panels. if the ceiling isnt an option go to town with the walls and floor treatment.

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