Active Bookshelf Full Range Monitors - with bass that don't suck, under $500?

Anyone know of audiophile quality monitors or speakers that can run bluetooth/wireless under $750 with full range sound? I find most bookshelf can’t get below 40Hz. I listen to Jazz & Classical, under lower volumes.


Well, you are asking for alot of bass from a bookshelf lol. Perhaps the vanatoo t1e would be up for the task, impressive bass for the size

It also has a sub out, so down the line you could get a sub if you wanted to reach deeper

I would also recommend getting a lower budget pair of speakers and paring them with a nice subwoofer.

That’s kinda what I was thinking. With a budget of 750 he could get a t1e and squeeze a bic f12 sub, but you definitely could make it work with a t0 and the sub. I would just say he get the t1e and add a sub later on if he feels he needs one

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