Active Budget Speakers

Hi guys, you helped me before on pick for my desktop setup. So I’m building a new laptop setup and I would need active/powered speakers for around 200-300$ with bluetooth and I would prefer white colorway option for my setup look.
I am a filmmaker and video editor, so basically most of my needs would be with that, and when it comes to music I listed to mostly vocals.
So I would like to know what would you choose, thanks, means a lot! :slight_smile:

I think the Kanto YU4 would suite your needs very well. They come in many colors with gloss or matte finishes as well.

Kanto Bt is atrocious…its old standard.

Agreed. You can find a used Vanatoo T0 for under $300 sometimes. That would be a nice buy. They don’t come in white though.

that shouldn’t stop them from painting them if they really need that color motif. :slight_smile:

a thought for MPG is maybe to hit up r/budgetaudiophile and see if they have any product suggestions to start looking for. :slight_smile:

also, if you’re not against it, you could get speakers without Bt and just get a streamer like the Zen Blue.

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iLoud Micro Monitors tend to go on sale for $199. They’re definitely worth their $299 MSRP though. Neumi recently made their passive speakers active for $150 as well and the passives get high praise for the money.



yamahas on sale

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Thank you very much guys, ,appreciate all of the suggestions, I think I have a great deal for iLoud Micro’s, but if you have any other suggestions let me know, especially for my workflow and music preference. Thanks again!


I picked up a pair of iLoud Micro’s and I really enjoy them. In my main listening position (sitting in front of them, approximately 4ft away) they sound very good. But when I standup and walk around the room the bass is boomy and bloated. Not an issue for my use case, but they are not something I would use for a listening further than 5’ or 6’ away.

This is probably good advice for any power monitor, but be sure to turn them off before plugging or unplugging the RCAs. They are more sensitive to RCA cable connect/disconnect than I’m used to. I’ve gotten very loud buzz and pop through them when I’ve forgotten to turn them off before disconnect. So far no damage (that I can tell), but I’m being careful to not do that again! I’ve probably taken years off their lifetime by stressing them like this…

It is truly insane how loud they get. The stock 3.5mm to RCA cable it came with wasn’t the best of quality and one day it ungrounded itself (if that makes sense) and they started buzzing really loud and scared the heck outta me (volume at noon, I used windows to control the volume at the time). Replaced the cable and all was well. Ended up selling them to a friend (along with my 6XX’s) but just grabbed another set because I told myself I would during the next sale. They really are a steal at $200.

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Edifice Luna come in white, look cool and fairy decent. I run them 3.5 to my pc and Bluetooth to Mac. Bonus is the footprint is small for the level of sound they produce. I think the placement of them in space might matter more than the others listed.

A few inches from the wall allows the rear passive to produce a nicer bass.

My setup is in a corner so the right speaker is facing straight the left is facing 90 degrees aimed at me from the side. Results with the rear passive woofer and the corner is the effect of a larger sound stage that sound centered in front of me but wide.

does Edifier have anything worthy of consideration?

S350DB and S3000Pros from my experience have been great. I consider the latter to be a true upgrade to the iLoud Micro Monitors with how loud and how low they get.

YU4 has AAC and aptX which should give you a high-quality stream on most devices. Have you had poor experiences with our BT?

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