Active Crossover under $200 pleh help mi

looking for an active crossover under $200 that can do either 24db per-ocvt./48db per-octv, bonus points for being able to set any crossover frequency using included controls. This is what I found after ADHD searching for 30 minutes:

High Pass Filter (

(deleted “funny” bit, feels like I’m trying too hard)

Just get a miniDSP.

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I’m not really wanting to go through all the dsp doodads, I just want a simple crossover that doesn’t hurt the sound… although I may consider it more if I can be convinced to go through the trouble of room correction and setting up digital connections and stuff

Edit: fuck it, UNCLE!!

if your looking for a highpass filter, then the hsu research will do fine. if you want to tweak, the dsp is the way to go.

dsp will change sound more then the highpass.

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I figured I might as well just do room correction at the level the setup is going to be at anyways

DBX 223xs comes to mind.