Active Monitors vs. Bookshelf+Amp ... Value and Sound?

There seem to be a range of Active Bluetooth monitors out there that well compete with Bookshelf Speakers with an amp. For example, Edifiers or Swan - so what are the thoughts out there? If it’s an audio only listening experience at medium levels - what is the better value?

Aside - why do YT amp demos always play the music sooooo loud? No one ever listens at such volumes in the real world - unless you’ve had a few drinks…

If listening ain’t critical and just want to enjoy music with simple solutions. Cheap solutions.
Definitely a strong yes.
There are also high end speakers with streaming now days and i bet more are coming.
But for also those that listen music and have more taste, as to say.

Special mention: There are preamp’s/amp’s with BT/streaming solutions and that gives all access to the rest of powered speakers. Not just those with “all in”.
Small down side is one remote/mobile remote more to operate.
Plus side is more connections options.
What is the “basic need” kinda set’s the bar. I’m all for active now days, no way passive.