AD500x vs SHP9500 soundstage

Hello, could you guys help me decide between the AD500x and SHP9500?
I mainly use them for casual gaming and would like to know which has better soundstage and imaging,where i’m at the AD500x is $25 more than the SHP.
Thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide.

If you want to go from a pure soundstage and imaging perspective, the shps have a wider stage, but compared to the ad500x they don’t have as good imaging accuracy and soundstage placement (but the soundstage for the 500 is fairly intimate if that would bother you)

Generally for casual the shps might be more fun and also much more comfortable, but I do think the ad500x are higher preforming in terms of stuff like detail, spatial recreation, and refinement imo. But the ad500x is pretty bass light and a more bright sound, where the shp has more body in the low end and a bit smoother sound.

So for game like GTA, RDR2,Battlefield,… the SHP would make the experience more immersive due to having a wider soundstage right?
I’ve heard that the AD500x is really close to the 700x in term of sound, and the 700x is considered one of the best headphone for gaming, well, according to my digging on reddit.

I can see why. As a 500x owner (was my first non-gaming headphone), it is a super light and to me very comfortable headphone for >8 hour sessions.

Not necessarily, although the shp might be more immersive because of the bass impact. Personally though I’m not too big of a fan of the shps

Yes the 700x has a bit more bass but overall similar sound for the most part. It’s pretty great for competitive gaming but might not be fun enough for some