Adam T7V Question

There are a pair of Adam T7V’s available on my local marketplace for $125. To me this sounds like a steal considering I’ve mostly focused on headphones, but I want some speakers for my home office better than my little Logitech speakers. My issue I’m running into is my Jotunheim doesn’t have a way to select an output. If I want to quickly switch from the Adams, to my headphones, how do I do that? Is there something I’m missing, or perhaps an inexpensive workaround? Maybe using a wifi plug on the Adam’s power connector?

Thanks for any suggestions!

The Jotunheim should have a pre out but if it doesn’t there are some passive monitor controllers that will do the job like the mackie big knob. But check it first because the Jotunheim 2 has it.

It definitely has a preout, the issue is, I have no way of shutting the Adams off when I only want Audio out of my headphones (as far as I can tell) without simply reaching behind them and turning them off.

It should have a switch on the front for select the output the closest to the knob.

Awww, the Jotunheim 2 has that, but not the OG. I guess I’ll need to upgrade my amp. ohhhhh noooooo :wink:

you can find a cheaper solution based on where you live you’ll find a passive monitor controller with at least one in and 2 out that can solve the problem usually are not really expensive. Anyway yes the studio active speakers compared to the headphones are for free and they include an amp as well.