Adam T8V + Klipsch R504C compatibility

Curious if there are any explicit problems with pairing the two. Open to suggestions for other center/rear channel speakers

Is it a explicit problem if they sound different?

Other options center:
or just T8V, T7V, T5V

Surround T5V

nope, as long as they aren’t a poor match. surround t5vs sounds interesting if i could afford it, currently looking for a center channel under 700, and rear/sides for under 400 a pair each

Since Klipsch has a 1” Titanium LTS Vented Tweeter with Hybrid Tractrix Horn and Adam audio has a U-ART 1.9” Accelerated Ribbon Tweeter with HPS Waveguide, they will most certainly sound very different.

You most likely are the only one who can say, are they a good match.
I would say no. If you have had a stereo system now you know how clean and detailed the upper range is, then you pop in that center. It ain’t the same, even close.
I personally pay attention how the sound pan’s from speaker to speaker and so different speaker will change the sound too much.