Add Emotiva power amp to Naim and audio-gd chain?


I am probably going full retard now. But, what if i add an EMOTIVA BasX A-150 power amp to my chain?

Naim Uniti Atom (would act as streamer only)
+audio-gd NFB1 (as HPA and Pre-Amp)
+audio-gd R1 DAC
Technics SL-PG420A cd player
Rega P1 turntable with Audio Technica AT-VM95EN cart
Musical Fidelity V90-LPS phono amp
Triangle Esprit Comete EZ speakers (handle 80w/8ohm)
Focal Elear headsphones
(+ have to buy yet)

Thoughts? Godd idea? Bad idea?

What’s powering your speakers right now?

Edit: Ok see that the Naim Uniti Atom is your speaker amp? Have not heard that before but i cant imagine a $3000 amp would not be better than the Emotiva a150 lol, i guess i could be wrong since i haven’t heard it. But i do have the a150 and it sounds a bit better than my denon receiver. But its not a crazy huge difference.

Thats the thing. I have the Triangles hooked up to the Naim currently. The Naims output is 40watts at 8ohm per channel.

But now the Naim is in service, and the Primare I25 Prisma that I have as a loaner puts out 100w at 8ohm per channel.

I´m probably going into the realms of voodoo now, but the 60 extra watts make the triangles play more effortlessly? I still prefer the Naims signature more. More musical. Not as dry as the Primare. I couldnt A/B test of course. So it´s all strictly subjective.

I don´t know man…

And for the pricetag… I have broken toslink inputs in my 2yo 2500€ Naim… so…

I should probably just go MAXIMUM FULL RETARD and add the Naim NAP 200 power amp… so i have two naim and two audio-gd units lol

70w at 8ohm per channel. 3000€. 4 pin din plug.

I could add the NAP100 too. Remember somebody said that it improves the Uniti Atoms sound.


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