Adding a dac to integrated app

Hey everybody just bought the emotiva ta1 and was wondering can i hook up the ifi zen dac but still use the BT on the Ta1

no, if you want the Zen sound, you’d need to get the Zen Blue, v2 or Zen Blue Air, which are Bt and have stereo output for your amp.

Awesome thanks for the reply

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You certainly could hook up the Zen DAC’s analog output to one of the analog inputs on the TA1.
Not sure if that’s what you’re looking to do, but that much is possible and may be a better DAC than what is in the Emotiva (no direct experience), while allowing you to play USB source through those and add the Zen DAC gee-wiz to the sound — but NOT be able to apply that stuff to the TA1’s BT source obviously.

I was but i wanted to use the ta1 BT to the zen then back to the ta1. So that i didnt have to hook a laptop but it doesnt sound possible. I just wanted to see still kinda new to the speaker side of things, i come from headphones. I wonder the zen blue v2 sounds