Adding a sub to my active monitors

So I’ve had my Adam A5X’s for a while now. Long story short, they’re great, actually… AMAZING! But, they can at times lack some low end. I’ve looked at the usual suspects from Yamaha, Presonus, and KRK. My question is does it matter if my sub doesn’t brand match my active monitors? I know adam talks about how they specifically design their subs to match their monitors, but how much of a difference is that in actuality? I would love to get an adam sub7/8 but these come in at about 2x the price of the other studio subs mentioned previously and are smaller. I use my speakers for mostly listening to music but I do mix occasionally. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I don’t think it matters much if the sub brand matches the monitors. The way the subwoofer sounds will have more to do with how it interacts with your room than any kind of “voicing” they might do. I have the Adam Audio T5V with the T10S sub as well as the JBL305P with the LSR310S. I definitely like the LSR310S better than the T10s in my office and it integrates better with either monitor because it sounds better in my room.

This was my suspicion. Glad to know I don’t have to spend $800usd for an 8 inch sub lol. Thanks

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