Adding more options to the buying guide

Am I the only one who noticed that a lot of headphones are not listed in the HiFiGuides buying guide that should be recommended? And also the price range thing sometimes seems to be off. I’m wondering if more options can/will be added to the buying guide and if there can be some adjustments made to it. I think it could be a really good tool with some adjustments and adding more headphones IEMs and speakers and subs.


I agree. With sound signatures too. I have noticed an influx of curious new members that would love the same request.

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yeah would be nice if they put someone in charge of it. also some sound signatures are missing. thats super valuable. i’d love to know if a headphone is V shaped before i buy. or if its treble leaning before i buy it. that section should be right under the price slider

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One of my favorite headphones, 1More Triple Driver On Ear isn’t in the buying guide. I think it’s worth a consideration for it’s price.
Also there are a lot of IEMs that I think should be added too, along with speakers, and subwoofers.
Honestly @M0N should just be given the ability to add different items for the different prices and sound signatures, as somebody who seems to know almost everything lol.

The tool I’m pretty sure is really only for Z and DMS’s recommendations, not really to include every headphone

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And if I’m being honest I see that as a problem. I think they need to also allow somebody else who is knowledgeable to add things to it. And they don’t even update it as often as they should.
But that’s just me. :slightly_smiling_face: