Adding warmth to headphones?

So i have an xduoo plus and i know i can get op amps but that would cost 90 bucks in total which i’m kinda not really interested in spending money atm. I use an elex and it sounds great, but i def think it could use some warmth once in a while. So how do you EQ warmth into a headphone? like whats the range to mess with?

EDIT: turned down the 2/4 K regions down 2 decibels and turned on the bass boost, sounds much warmer. If you have other possible tips tho for sure leave them to try them out. Mostly wanted warmer sound for busker busker, leessang etc

Shoot, I just sold my Loki so I could have hooked you up with that. I would personally just save up for a nicer warm amp. Your headphones will certainly scale and open up better with it.

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Thnx, that’s the plan for the distant future. For now imma rely on EQ. It’s actually working well, much warmer sounding for when I need it to be, just wanted to see if anyone had any particular opinions on how to eq it

Check out the eq guide on reddit they have a bunch of great presets to play with


Can u plz link me? I’m not good with reddit, so I don’t know what thread it’s in

Here is one


what the harman curve most people are linking to there

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I guess that’s what people usually eq so they have the charts. I like Harman too but I decided to go off my own eq adding specific bass frequencies which gave body to the vocals for warmth and took some of the upper mids down. Worked actually perfectly. Not sure if sound was degraded much or any but if so I don’t mind since I don’t need warm headphones to have crazy separation /detail. It’s actually really nice now to have the ability to turn the elex into a great warm headphone with just a button

Tubes? :thinking:

Apparently focal don’t take well to tubes. In case anyone is curious about my EQ btw,

The rest is flat. In addition to that turning I the switch of bass boost in the xduoo is the real MVP

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