Adding XLR mic to current dac/amp setup whilst retaining mic monitoring

I currently own a Topping D90/A90 stack and am looking to move away from using my mod mic towards a XLR mic. My setup as it is now is completely balanced.

Previously I actually ran my mod mic into a ur22mkii with a phantom power adapter. While it worked I ran into a lot of drop out issues that I couldn’t resolve which I believe was due to conflicting drivers, my audio output on my pc would constantly drop out, switch and my monitors would pop all the time.

Moving towards a different interface to handle the mic, I had settled on the Audient ID4 mkii. The only issue I have is trying to no delay retain mic monitoring without using the ID4 as my dac.

The only solution I have seen is to run a mixer to achieve this. Whilst this isn’t really an issue, I really want to avoid colouring the sound signature as right now, my setup is fully balanced and basically transparent.

Hoping to get a bit of guidance as to whether or not this is achievable or not in my current setup. In the end of the day, if it isn’t really possible, losing mic monitoring is not the end of the world.



A lot of even cheap mixers can handle balanced inputs on the line in’s (often as 2x TRS, so you likely need adapter cables) and have balanced outs.

Since all you need is 1x mono + 1x stereo (both line level), almost any mixer will do.

Some options (no experience with these, in no particular order):

  • ALTO ZMX 862
  • Yamaha MG06
  • Allen & Heath ZED-6
  • Mackie 402VLZ4
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@MazeFrame thanks for the insight, I thought this might be the only way.

I don’t have any personal experience with mixers, is it likely to colour the sound of my setup at all?

FWIW windows has mic monitoring

@Pokrog I’ve tried the windows monitoring but no matter how I set it up I have around .25 to .5 seconds of delay

Question is to what degree.

Most mixers are designed in a column-scheme. The signal comes in at the top, makes its way through pre-amps, EQs, Effects, balance control, etc. (if the mixer has those) before making it to some Bus (monitor, master, recording, etc.).

I would stay away from Behringer stuff in general. Their main point is being cheap, and that is often all it has to offer.


@MazeFrame So if I’m understanding correctly, if i configure my setup like this:

I would be able use my dac, interface with mic monitoring and have both output to my amp.

In this scenario, would my sound be coloured to a significant extent? Really just want to avoid ruining the quality of my listening setup as I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time with it.

I’m also curious, would this have the capacity to connect a second streaming pc if that’s something i wanted to pursue in the future through either the 1/4 TRS out, control room out or Aux out?

Thanks again for your help. :slight_smile:


Since I have not used the DAC or Amp you have, I can’t comment on that.

Channel 3 is another stereo input channel, the Tape-In is also available.
Channel 1 and 2 can also be used as inputs by having the pan on set to L or R respectively.

Control Room and Tape-Out would allow you to hook up more Amps/Monitors/etc.

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