Adsive on headphones under 2000 euros

Hello everyone. So I currently have hifiman HE6se V2, and they sound amazing. I have also tried focal radiance, and I wouldn’t say I liked it because it was like hurting my ear because of treble, and I didn’t like the Sennheiser hd800s because they lack base.
So I am looking for an upgrade from hifiman for under 2000 euros. Thanks)

I’m not sure what amp you’re using to drive the HE6, but I’d bet you’d benefit from from a better amp and a pair of pads and honeycomb grills. EQ as well with a bass shelf. They’re insanely competent headphones if driven well and are my personal favorite headphones I’ve ever tried regardless of price but I didn’t feel that way about them driving them off of a headphone amp.

What about the HE6 would you like to improve?

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I have jds labs element III boosted. I don’t like weight(but I can handle it), cable is a total disaster, but overall they are pretty perfect.

Well I don’t much quite see the point of upgrading here.
You mention they sound amazing, and pretty perfect.
Why’d you be looking to just spend money?
One ought to only ‘upgrade’ or spend if there’s something missing - or to look for a ‘missing’ feature, yet, at the cost of an ‘existing feature’ that you already have.
From most folk, what I’ve heard is that the HE6SE is endgame class, and does bass like something (disclaimer: no personal experience).

So you best have a strong reason to upgrade, and even then, you’re looking to spend quite a lot at this point, which makes choosing the ‘one headphone you’re looking for’ all the more difficult.
From what I’ve heard so far, nothing in Hifiman’s line will do bass like the HE6 variants, so right there, you’ll have to prepare yourself.

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Hm, don’t think it made much sense to side grade in the hifiman family except you’ll want to try out one of their egg shaped HP for their vertical soundstage ( so Arya se or a used 1k se)
So why not try to find a good pair of HP to give you another experience if you want another HP instead of t early the same house sound
Maybe something like zmf auteur for their natural timbre or fostex the 900 for your bass cravings :stuck_out_tongue:


This exactly pretty much the reason I haven’t bought higher end Audeze. House sound is great to my ears but I need different flavors in life.

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Thanks everyone. I’ll have my he6se and I’ll give a shot to an egg shape)

If you really like your HE6, I really think your best bet would be to get a better amp. You’ll get significantly more dynamics moving to a better amp.

Good call, maybe you can recommend me something?

There’s plenty of used Parasound A21s up for around $1400 used. If you want to skip right to the end and not waste any time, effort and money messing with minor upgrades, that’s what I would do. is decent for finding great deals on used gear.

Then you’d need something like this