Advice about dac/amp/headset


I was looking to get a new headset and i stumble across the dac/amp.
I mainly play game non competitively and watch movies on my computer.

Do you think it is interesting to invest into a dac and an amp for theses uses ?
Also, would you have any recommandation of headset/amp/dac ?
My budget would be 800$ for everything

Thanks in advance

Vokyl erupts + schiit hel seems like a really good combo. The Vokyl’s are often recommended with different pads but I don’t remember which one.

One that I’ve tried and I personally think is all you need for gaming is shp9500 + zmf uni suedes and boom pro cable / schiit hel. The shps with those pads are real fun to listen to.

For gaming and movies, I’d definitely consider the Sound Blaster G6, especially if you’re interested in simulated 7.1 surround. This device is also great for both PC and console. If you look up the AudioScience review, it measures great against other recommended entry DACs. It should also be plenty of amp for most “gaming” headphones or headsets. Personally, I use the G6 as a DAC stacked with a Schiit Heresy amp. I would recommend considering a good headphone that you can add a mic to, instead of a traditional “headset”. If you absolutely want an integrated mic on a headset, my recommendation would be the Sennheiser PC37X. You could always integrate a mic using the V-Moda boompro with headphones that have a detachable 3.5mm cable (e.g. Philips SHP9500 or X2). The Vokyl Erupt recommendation is good, but they’re still fairly uncommon since pledges are still being fulfilled. I got lucky buying secondhand from another forum. You can mod some other phones to use the boompro. I’ve modded my Beyerdynamic DT880 and plan to mod my TYGR phones next week. The last option would simply be to add a mod mic with any headphones. You’ll just have to manage two cables.