Advice figuring out sound signature

Hi guys. New to the headphone hobby. Short story: I was unable to use headphones a few years ago. I am pretty sensitive to sound everything bothers me and also my ears are pretty sensitive. I couldn’t use headphones or earphones before ( they sound just fatigue me). 6 months ago I discover this new world and find out my problem was cheap/consumer headphones where the problem.

I need advice to figure out the sound signature that doesn’t fatigue me or bother me. I will tell you what i have tried and my experienced with some headphones . I am sensitive to sound so I can spot difference, but as I don’t know anything about audio I don’t know what I am hearing.

Headphones used:

Sony xb700: First headphone I bought. Bought it for the big pads. I thought they would be comfortable. They fatigue me after 30min. I don’t remember why maybe highs. Also my ears got hot when I used them)

Sony PlayStation gold headset 1st gen: likes how they sound but uncomfortable.

Few years later I decide it was a time to upgrade. And that’s when I enter the rabbit hole lol.

Dt 990 pro 250ohm/ micca g2: treble murders! I used them for a month. I felt they had no bass and the treble was sibilant. On games the treble felt boosted 10x more.

Hd58x/ micca g2: I really like this. They moment I tried for the first time I really felt the audio world was something I was missing. Problem: fatigue me after 30min. The bass guitar sounds to over power and I think they have to do something with the mids.

He4xx/ micca g2: loved this headphones. The most noticeable difference was the clean effortless sound ( i think planar are easier to my ears, not muddy bass just impact;) ) They sound open and relaxed. The treble don’t bothered me in any way. Prefer them for music not for games. I could use them for 2h. Because I really like them so much I decide to buy and upgrade. Sold them to buy Sundara.

Akg k7xx/ micca g2: after using the he4xx. I found them thin and bothersome. But after exclusively using them for 2 weeks I found out that I really like them. They mids sometimes sound weird, like aggressive and forward and sometimes they sound relaxed. I like them for music but I prefer them for gaming. The huge soundstage with bass makes them really enjoyable. I was going to keep them for gaming. I like this headphone. After the sundara arrived I decided to take the akg upgrade path. I sold them to buy the k712 pro later. Really like the sound, relaxed and wide soundstage. If the akg k712 pro is a direct upgrade I will buy them.

Sundara/micca g2: I had mix feelings with these. They don’t sound as planar as the he4xx, they sound more like a planar dynamic. They are not a direct upgrade from the he4xx. I like them but the mids are to forward and aggressive. They amount of detail is beautiful. But I think this mix of aggressiveness and detail kills my ears. I can only used them in my morning coffee sessions to get me the boost of energy and can only used them for 30min before they fatigue me.

Sennheiser Pxc 550/Bluetooth iPhone: First on ear closed back I use. I can tell you that they are my daily driver for workout. I could use them for 2h without fatiguing me. They bother my ears after the 2h mark. I like them for workout only, I prefer open back for home listening. I found the sound signature to be pleasant. The bass is fine, not bothersome but not lacking. They sound clean without the room sound most closed back sound. I decide to look for he frequency response to understand what I like. I find a dip on the upper bass, maybe this dip make the bass and bass guitar not to forward.

Meze 99 Noir/micca g2: I really don’t know why I bought them. I knew the bass was going o bothered me. After 20h of used I sell them. To much bass and they were uncomfortable for my head and ears. They pads didn’t help.

Dt880 600ohm/ micca g2: let me just say that this are my favorite headphones of all I have had and still my favorite for he rest of the list below. They sound clean, fast, tight bass. After 2h, sometimes I find them bright but I just lower the volume a little and can used them for more time (5h+). I want to go the dt880 upgrade path but I am trying out the mid to under 200$ before jumping. Want to try t1 gen2, Amiron home and dt1990.

Dt990 600ohm/ micca g2: I like them. I felt they sound similar to the dt880 with boosted treble and bass, hollow or fast decay vocals?, wide soundstage. This dt990 don’t fatigue me in any way I could use them the same time as my dt880.The treble seems smoother than the pro 250. They still have some sibilant in some songs.

Fidelio x2hr/ micca g2: I don’t like them so much. They sound like hd58x, beautiful and musical. But the mids are to forward and the voice sounds like shouting. I tried lowering the volume but then the voices loss all the presence. I think I like the bass on the dt990 more (tight and impactful). Same as sundara and hd58x. 30min mark usage.

Dt770 80 ohm/ micca g2: I like this. Sounds like a small soundstage dt990 with less bass. Bass is tight. They don’t sound like closed back.

2 days later. My new liquid spark arrived :slight_smile: . Without going into much details. Micca g2 amp: v shape with intimate and forward mids, small soundstage. Liquid spark ( LS) more neural. Big soundstage and much more detail.

Fidelio x2hr/ LS: relaxed the mids a bit, not to forwards. Still not liked them so much as other headphones. I still have them.

Dt990/ LS: relaxed the sound a little. The bass and treble take a step back .Second favorite headphone almost reaching dt880.

Bought but without time to test.
Nighthawk/ LS: to much bass. After a few minutes they felt like the bass disappear and you feel immersed. Using micro suede pads.

Sennheiser hd599/ LS: untested.

What I found of my research.
Treble: can be bright but not overkill
Mids: not forward but I like front singer.
Bass: tigh. Not loose or muddy. Guitar and bass guitar fatigue me.
Soundstage: I think wide and relaxed.

After I try some more mid fi. I will go a step up.

Upgrades found:
He4xx > edition xx
K7xx > k712 pro
Dt880 and dt990 ( I think I will keep both) >
Amiron, dt1990 and t1 gen2 ( I will buy the 3 of them on the future . I will decide which one or ones I like lol)

To try list:
Dt880 pro
Dt770 250ohm
Akg k553

really glad I’m not the only one that found the dt 990 really calms down paired with the LS. I wasn’t initially impressed with my 990 250 ohm having to eq it on my fiio e10k then I upgraded and bought the Ls and I don’t have to EQ it anymore the highs just sound smoother and the bass has more body and sounds more natural .

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Hard for me to make a direct comparison to your ears but I know I’m less fatigued when I use open cans with some kind of soft velour pad that leaks a bit than when I use something more sealed.

I’d tell you to give these a try. Not ultra pricy, they don’t need an amp. I’ve used them ever since Z reviewed them and they are a regular daily driver for me. They leak, they are not perfect at detail retrieval or super refined sounding but they are super comfortable and easy on your ears and make long listening sessions very enjoyable. Easy recommendation for the price.

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I think that was the problem with my XB700, they push to much air to my ears. I think i tolerate open back more than closed back. i might give the shp9500 a try. Read somewhere and joshue valour said that the hd58x where “better” ( i have learnt that everyone have difference preference and we are unique, thats why i want to try every headphone and judge myself. Reviews and videos just tell you the small detail of the big picture) , i will keep them on my wish list. Also i am trying 150$-350$ headphones.

By the way i have using my Nighthawks carbon. They dont fatigue, but i think the sound signature doesn’t got me yet. Using Micro suede pads they sound more like a open back headphones.

Dt1990 with a pads will be similar to the 880, not my preferred Sig. With b pads is supposed to be closer to the 990 with an increase in bass that I like. The 6xx is great, but the bass may be too loose for your preferences. The Argon will prob. be bass death for you in amount, but should be tight so who knows.

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I want to buy the dt1990 right now! :smile: But i have a lot of headphones . About the hd6xx/hd650 i havent try them because i think they may sound similar to hd58x with some little difference.
Argons have been pushed back on my to try list. Because the waiting time. I havent heard closed back planar.

Hey I understand, and yea for me I can just be done with my 1990, I got an lcd2c but you will prob not like the 1k shout they have and their overall dark nature but they are good chill headphones to compliment :slight_smile: no mobile audio with iems are intresting to me atm. I may already be at endgame with it though so who knows lol.

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the 650 I find to personally be a weaker headphone doesn’t have as much bass the imaging and soundstage isn’t as good . but it does have better highs. I think it becomes a better headphone with tubes as it scales better. but personally I still kinda prefer the 58x even then

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I really like the hd58x vocals and electric guitars. They sound really good. but they fatigue me. i Thought maybe the hd6xx reduced bass will be less fatiguing.

the mids on the 6xx sounds closer due to the fact that they have less soundstage . and the highs on the 6xx isn’t as smooth as the 58x. but is definitely more detailed.

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I sold Fidelio x2hr and sennheiser hd599se. They mids bother me. The mids on te fidelio sound like a front row of mids, without separation and definition. The hd599 se have this enjoyable and warm mids but is lacking separation and became shouting.


Dt770 pro: can’t decide jet. 2 times in a week they fatigue me. I like the wide soundstage and the vocals aren’t as recessed as dt880 and dt990.

M1060c: got a new pair a few days ago. I am really impressed with this cans. They remind me why i like planar so much. Clean sound. Instrument separation is really good. After 2 days of exclusive use I can tell why they cost 2x the other cans I have used. The detail and separation is a step up from 200$ cans. I thought they would be uncontrollable to wear. I think I will keep the m1060c for closed can until my dt177x go arrive.