Advice for a newcomer

I’m just getting into high quality audio, I’m in the process of buying components for my first pc (just need a fucking 3070 at this point) and my friend who is largely responsible for getting me into pc gaming asked if I was getting a sound card. (I have a 50 dollar hyperX headset and hadn’t even considered getting anything else at this point) I watched a linus tech tips video about sound cards and dac/amps and that made me go down the rabbit hole. I purchased a schiit magni modi stack, and bought a pair of shp9500s for my ps4. I ordered a hd58x that will ship at the end of the month and was looking for a good headphone to purchase with it, I am primarily looking at the dt 1990 pros and will order those when I get my credit card in the mail hopefully today. I listen to a variety of music mostly various types of rock and metal, and play video games mostly single player but occasionally will play apex with my bud or whatever souls like we’re into at the time. I would appreciate any advice/suggestions y’all may have.

Sorry I’m a bit lost, what exactly do you want? Are you asking for another headphone to compliment the ones you have ordered? Or an upgrade to those? Just trying to understand what you are asking for

the upgrade I’m thinking about is the dt 1990, but I haven’t entirely decided yet. Do you think that is a good second pair to get? Any general advice for someone with no experience in hifi audio?

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as I said in the previous post, your better off trying the previous beyers… your getting ahead of yourself and rushing things which is only going to burn you in the process… just because something is more expensive does not by any means in this hobby = better… not at all. There is many people who will argue that they found the DT 880 at 600 ohms better than the 1990 in many ways… or that the fact the 1990 is more than double the price of the DT 880 or 990 is a bad thing as the sound differences do not justify the changes provided.

It’s a journey and you don’t know your full preferences yet… there is no reason to jump straight to $400+ headphones at all. the 58x over there will do just fine for any genre of gaming and does fine for music as it’s quite neutral… take things slow, try things first… don’t burn your wallet and don’t go rushing down the rabbit hole… you will thank yourself later, take this from someone who learned that the hard way as I was doing the same thing starting out and really wish I would have tried the cheaper units at first to see what I needed to look for… once you know what your wanting then of course if you want to take that leap forward by all means. Do keep in mind though that with upgrades to your headphones you also need to consider the fact of an amp and dac upgrade too… magni and modi are nice but once you get past $400+ on the headphones you need to start considering an upgrade

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Gotcha! Well I don’t have experience with the 1990 sadly but I’ve heard a few beyers. I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad or good idea, if you want to just play around and see what’s out there I don’t see why not buy whatever! For advice it depends if you are searching for anything in particular I guess, like if you find you prefer the clarity from the Beyer over the senheiser you can figure out your tastes and go from there. At first you really gotta just try many headphones to see what u like!
@Falenkor is right about the preference thing tho might be worth starting cheaper to hear different stuff first and go from there. He speaks out of experience since he started by auditioning a headphone per day or week lol


Least, I learned… granted I did learn the hard way but still lol

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For sure lol I think most of us had similar experiences

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No doubt. If I had started off with the 1990s without realizing I was treble sensitive I would have been in a very bad situation as a newcomer!

The HD 58X is a great headphone, why not just enjoy what you’ve purchased before branching out into new and “better” headphones?

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he wants to get a taste of other sound signatures from the looks of things to find his own personal preferences. Which I think is completely fine, just not a good idea to jump all the way to 1990 without even knowing if your sensitive to treble… That’s a big negative from me as someone who knows full well that some people get pain and suffering out of bright headphones like that even headaches and migraines for some people I know. I personally found I don’t have any intolerances which is why I stick with T1.2 as it sounds gorgeous to me… but I have 3 very close friends who think I am nuts and can’t use it whatsoever.

He started with shp9500 which is a bright headphone and that’s fine, he should probably go to 990 next before going to 1990… as 990 at 250 ohms has a similar peak. Will know for certain if he can handle or even like that sound doing that

Point taken, I will start to look at cheaper headphones to start out. How similar is the 990 to the 1990 sound wise? I’ve generally heard that the treble is muderous and a lot more painful than on the 1990s.

you would be comparing 1990 using it’s B or balanced pads in this case as A pads are more like 880. Both would be V signatured… 990 has a bit more in the bass region, slightly less in the mids as it’s actually recessed unlike 1990s which is more neutral there, and depending on the ohms of 990 they will either have a similar peak or 990s will be a smoother treble… 250 ohm 990 will be a bit more similar… actually hang on this may help.

1990 in blue, 990 600 ohm in green, 990 250 ohm in pink

^ seen above, it definitely depends on which 990 were talking about here… 600 ohm 990 is much less murderous than the other two and has a lot more bass

to help read that… 10-100 is bass, 200-1k is vocals, 2k-endpoint is treble(going from the bottom there.)

would my schiit stack be able to properly power 600 ohm 990s?

magni 3+? yeah, it’s fine.

oh btw, incase you wanted a quick comparison…

heres 58x jubilee

and heres your current shp9500