Advice for buying Headphones for video editing

I’m looking for a good and wallet-friendly pair of headphones for video editing with a little bit of sound design for the video. My videos are on product reviews which mainly consist of me talking about them for 90% of the video. But there will be some B-Rolls and other short-form videos which will have some amount of sound design.

As of now, I’m using the Corsair HS50Pro and recently I noticed that I’m missing a lot of things during the edit especially hard cuts and things like that. Also, the earpad started flaking, the replacements will cost half the price I paid for the cans.

So I’m looking for an upgrade, a proper upgrade so that I can enjoy some music and edit videos better. I do have a cheap audio interface that is the M Audio M Track Duo.

Currently i have eyes on:

  • Audiotechnica Ath M50X & M40X (for detachable cable and foldable design)

  • Beyerdynamic DT770Pro (seems more durable and comfortable also heard that I had good sound quality but only the 250ohm variant has coiled cables and velour earpads)

  • Sony MDR 7056 (cus it’s cheap and used by many but heard a lot of people saying its harsh, idk what’s harsh. I’m by no means an audio guy, idk what to expect for these typa headphones just know that they give a more accurate sound)

  • Sennheiser HD280 Pro (again cus is cheap and well built than the sony and it can fold)

Oh and the max budget is INR12000 or $150

Out of these what would you suggest I buy as a beginner and why? Plus are there any other options with good comfort, detachable coiled cable, foldable, and good sound quality :sweat_smile:

Thanks for reading all this and any help is much appreciated!

Welcome to the forum :smiley:
Personally id go for the Sony MDR 7506, second place would be the DT770 Pro

The 7506 is a solid choice when it come to monitoring (listening to audio while you record) and playback , its a fairly revealing. its a tough headphone that can withstand a fair amount of abuse and can last you a long time. i personally found it “harsh”/ “unforgiving” is because it tends to be fairly revealing, which is a good thing for work, bad for enjoyment

Though i would recommend switching out the pads since they tend to get a little unpleasant in longer sessions, personally i have mine with perforated pads to allow your ears to breath a little. mine are semi retired since ive upgraded but i still use them for time to time

The DT770 is also solid but i found it less revealing than the sony (its not detailed problem, it was just faster and easier to find flaws in my audio with the 7506). Personally im not a fan of the stock valor pads on the DT770 ( the newer Beyerdynamic headphone have nicer stock pads), but you can get some really nice aftermarket pads for it as well.

The upside is that the DT770 can also be used for pleasure listening, it has its flaws (the infamous Beyerdynamic treble) but it is more enjoyable than the sony

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Hey thanks a lot for the reply, btw does the sony sit on your ear or over the ear? Heard many saying it sits on the ear but is marketed as overear and thoughts on Audiotechnicas?

For me its an over ear, but it could be just my ears and also im not using the stock pads that could also be factor

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Alright, i just can’t finalize one. Btw what’s you main headphone now?

It depends on the kind of work but for voices i use the NTH-100 for mixed stuff i use the DT700 Pro X, for fun ive got… well ive go too much

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Alright man, thanks for the help! :heart:

Hey there, I’m new here, so I wanted to share my 2 cents. As for your question, I would suggest going for the Audio-Technica ATH-M50X. They have excellent sound quality, are comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and have a detachable cable which is always a plus. The foldable design also makes them easy to carry around. In terms of other options, you could check out the Sennheiser HD 569. They have a comfortable fit and good sound quality, plus they’re foldable and have a detachable cable. I also wanted to mention that if you’re planning on interviewing video editors, you should check out They have a great list of video editor interview questions that could be helpful. Good luck, and LMK what you chose eventually.