Advice for headphones upgrade, 250$

Thanks for the correction…thought at least some of it was real

Audioquest likes to advertise their material usage, so they only used pleather on their stuff, also apparently no plastic as well

HD 280’s and HD 25’s are mostly plastic, and last for ever.

I wasn’t saying that as a bad thing, just noting what audioquest advertises, I know of many plastic headphones that are absolute tanks

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I vote Sundara’s. thier an awesome headphone. miles better than the 880

A really excellent headphone which isn’t crazily priced is the Audio Technica MSR7, I have the first version and it is superb. Cost me £140, an absolute steal. I prefer them to quite a few much more expensive headphones, they’re slightly bright but not objectionable bright and are very detailed and revealing.

They are good monitoring and mastering cans I find but tend to lack the technical capabilities I look for in gaming. And their signature can be quite unforgiving at times.