Advice for new pair of headphones

So im making this because I have recently started to get into audio realm of things. I bought a modified pair of Dt990s that runs a balanced input for my gaming setup and im using a Schiit modius and magnius stack right now. I love to listen to music but my music taste ranges from classic rock to new age metal and rap and the Dt990s are ok for that so far. I was wondering what people would recommend in the 500-700 dollar range for my music listening pair of headphones. I have not got the chance to really listen to a bunch of pairs of headphones but would love to hear what everyone has to say.

“What would you change about your DT990’s if you could?”

I would say probably more low end bass and a little bit more detail or warmth to the music. I’m not sure if it’s me or not but I feel the music separation isn’t always there in some tracks. So that’s what I would change if I could. My Dt990s have been modified with the foam swap as well.

Oh that’s a good price range! So I’d start with elex, Aeon RT, LCD2C, Ananda…oh boy there’s a lot of options out there. But these should give you great separation well having a mix of bass quality/quantity that could be better than the 990s.

So I have never had the opportunity to actually try out a planar headphone before another reason why im scared to make the jump of going the lcd2 or Ananda. I have seen many things on the Aeon rt im not sure which would be better open or closed for that but I do know my head is very sensitive with wearing things for long periods of time as well. I’m bald and have super sensitive skin, the pads on the 990s don’t bother me to much but I swapped the headband for a nicer one. I haven’t seen to much on the elex but I know focal has a good rep for making good things. Also if I planned on adding other amps or dacs down the road which ones would work the best thank you guys for taking your time with a newbie.

I can’t speak to the Ananda but so you get an idea of where I’m coming from I shave my head daily and the RTs are probably the most comfortable for me with the ability to tune with little pads that can be put in ear cups I don’t think you could go wrong open or closed. Elex are fantastic, comfort is pretty good, close to the RTs and they have a nice w sound signature that just makes everything sound big to my ears. Now Audeze, you won’t find much else that sounds really relaxed but also makes everything sound big, the issue is they get heavy and the leather strap can be odd feeling on a bald head, kinda sticks. I don’t have issues withe either of these “problems” but they need to be mentioned.
Newbie wanting to try planars I’d go RT, newbie wanting a near end game dynamic I would grab the elex.
Right now I’m torn between both the RT and elex on which I grab more so it’s hard to tell you which you should absolutely buy…btw my LCDX always always has me pulling them off the stand to put in the mix as well.

I have so many options and yes I have to shave my head quite often so I know the pain there with leather also dealing with psoriasis outbreaks from time to time causes issues as well. I’d love to try the lcdx if I could just save for the ultimate end game thats what I would do. I’m the type of person to use something for years on end. I might look more into the aeons and elex. I just want to be disappointed in my purchase. So if the aeons build and comfort is as good as people say those might be my go to, but maybe someone who has more information on the Ananda would be able to help to. Thank you again for the info!

No problem and give Dan Clark Audio a shout, customer service is awesome and have never given me issues asking questions.

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Can’t say much about the aeon but might grab a pair in the future but my vote goes to the LCD 2 if you can live with the weight and that they are a bit darker but the low end slam from them is really nice

On the comfort side i can recommend the vegan LCD options in terms of feeling

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Get a used pair of the Audeze LCD X, great for your genre of music, and you never look at another pair of headphones.

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I haven’t started looking yet is there any sites you guys recommend on using for used headphones? Also is there any particular year I should look out for? I know Zeos just did a review on them and was gushing over them.

Not in particular as long as you listen to them in person, also the hifiman Arya are a good choice😊

I have the same sort of issue… My current setup is a TR-X00 PH, but I’ve wanted to move to planars and/or endgame sound but I’m read mixed reviews on whether my amp can handle them (JDS Element V.1)

I, however, live in Kangaroo land… So LCD2-Classics are $1,200 and Anandas are ~$1,000

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I thought about it as well, that’s also crazy on prices of things in different countries. I’m in the States and me personally I think I’ll end up with choosing an audeze headphone because I normally only listen to music for an hour or two tops after work since I work the graveyard shift so I ether game or listen to music after work and then I head to bed so I think I can deal with the weight of the lcd line up just haven’t decided which ones I want I think I need to actually listen to a pair before I spend that much on a headphone or the wife might kill me :rofl:

With gaming in the mix the LCDX would be what I’d go for. All though if you are just doing casual gaming and want a little more grunt from bass without eq I really enjoy using my LCD2C closed backs.

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I’d say I game on a daily basis between fps and rpg games. I can’t say I’m super competitive but I do like being able to hear footsteps and knowing where someone is but I enjoy the soundtracks in something like skyrim or heck even playing diablo. Listening to music realm of things I do that when I just want pure relaxation and I know it sounds weird for the music I listen to but it calms the soul for me. So I think im gonna save and go for the lcdx and also does anyone have any opinions on my amp dac setup currently and if she even consider a hybrid tube amp as well? Just getting ideas for my endgame setup

Your amp DAC setup will do great. If you want a little higher end I’d say a bifrost and Rupert nerve pairing would be end game.
I enjoy them on my a lot with my D90 and singxer SA1 bit I was also completely satisfied with them on my JDS LABS EL2 stack.