Advice For Setup

i am looking for advice for how to setup some audio in my bedroom. I have a PC, a TV and a record player in my room, the tv and the record player are hooked up to the Edifier s350db at the moment, and the PC is hooked up to a pair of Kanto Tuks, what i am wanting to do is change the tv/record player setup for better speakers and a separate subwoofer and then have the pc also be able to run through the subwoofer when i’m on the pc, if that makes sense…
Any help is greatly appreciated

there are a few ways to do this. you can use an rca switcher. or a pre-amp with multiple outs. or just run 2 cables and plug in the one your using. or use a y splitter cable and have both sources live, as it sounds like you use them 1 at a time anyways.

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If not using a input switcher or different preamp or splitter cables.

SOME subwoofers should be able to utilize individually buffered left and right inputs that are internally summed to mono. This allows two separate line-level signals to be connected at the same time.
like JL-Audio.
Obviously, it is not recommended to play both audio systems at the same time.

Also some powered subwoofer models include pairs of both balanced XLR inputs and unbalanced RCA inputs. One pair of XLR connections and one pair of RCA connections can also be used simultaneously, as they are also internally summed.