Advice in stepping my headphone game


Currently I own the following headphones which are used for gaming / Music

  1. Fostex T50RP
  2. He 4xx

I am looking at getting headphone solely just music that will be away from my desk.
music genres I listen too

  1. Classic Rock
  2. Symphonic metal
  3. Jpop

I am hoping that these could be driven by my LG V40 quad dac/amp as I use it now for Tidal.

I had been thinking of the Sennheiser HD 6xx but not sure if my phone could drive them.

Thank you for the help so far

I think the hd58x would be a good choice in this scenario, because they sound somewhat similar to the 6xx with better extension and could easily be driven by the v40

Supposedly the new LCD1 stomp the HD 6xx. May be worth looking at. Very easy to drive as well.

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58X are good too, and way less than LCD1. If you’re in the states and want to try a pair of 58X I’m selling mine. They’re perfect, just trying out other cans currently.

Wait how’s kpop not there? I could swear your profile is mina

And I believe they all can, i had beyerdynamics dt 990 open 600 ohms and even though it’s harder to drive since the beyerdynamics are generally just a pain to drive it did so pretty properly with my v30

The 990 would be brutal for metal and jpop lol. I think the 250 ohm could be powered off of a phone, but the 600 ohm might be a fair bit better off of an amp.

If you were to pick a dt, the 880 250 ohm is a good choice

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Hahaha are the highs too piercing? I can remember homestly, i feel like the dt 770 pro that i have is actually more piercing. And well when inhad the 600 ohms the volume had to be really high but it felt powered enough, like loud enough. I bet it would sound better or more dynamic with an amp

Yes, the 600 ohms get a fair bit better with a better amp, so if you were driving them off of a phone the highs could have been a little reduced. The 770 has a large peak, where the 990 treble is just elevated in general

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Actually that brings up an interesting question, what iem would be good for pop like kpop, jpop and the like? See inhave the tin t2, wnd the beyerdynamic dt 770 pro but sometimes the highs can be a bit much. Not necessarily good to chill and listen all the time with high pitched voices, what would be a good iem for that?

Oooooooooh interesting! Thnx for the info! Im very not technical or knowledgeable! And my gear ia very simple.

So something smooth and relaxed? What type of budget are you looking at?

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Yeah, and 2 price ranges. Similar to my dt and tin anything under 75 or 200

It doesn’t need to be a complicated experience, just an enjoyable one lol

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Perhaps something like the ikko oh1, Final E3000, or Sony MH755 (not a joke)

I don’t think they would be super similar to the dt/tin, but they are warm, smooth, and somewhat relaxed with still good technicalities. Also all can be driven with a phone no problem imo

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Haha it is, let me show ya! Just a bluetooth reciever and my tablet or phone

There you go, super simple lol

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Oh damn, but i have a question. Are they worth the money considering the prices of cheap iems like the tin t2 and blon o3 or whatever it’s called? See i came to the realization that if I hadn’t bought the dt 770 first i don’t think I would have because of the tin t2s

I mean I technically prefer the feel of the dt 770 and like the wide sound stage but its not worth 3 times what i paid for the tin t2s. Altho i do use it more

Haha yeah, VERY basic. Usually tho i use my phone with the bluetooth thing because it has LDAC support so i can play my high res music, while my tablet only has aptx