Advice on Bookshelf Speakers 500$ and Lower

I need advice on the best bookshelf speakers 500$ and Lower. i could maybe go as high as 450$ I need powered speakers as i intend to control them with my headphone amp pre-amp ports. i have a RCA and a XLR i could use. Is there much of a difference between the 2?

For that price, I would go for the Adam T5V’s.

Can’t go wrong with the ELAC Ubifi sale going on right now on Amazon.
It’s a great all-rounder. Just make sure you are giving it enough clean power.

Those are passive. i need powered

Also, the JBL 305/306P’s are amazing for the price.

How do they compare to the Adam T5V. i’m really liking the amt twitter on those

I’m also looking in this range for something powered with XLR for my desk. I was considering the T5V and JBL, but I think I’m leaning towards the Mackie MR series, maybe the MR624’s. Digital Stereophony has a bunch of comparisons with measurements for a bunch of speakers in this range:

From the reviews I’ve read and watched, the T5V seems to be better, but I have owned the JBL’s and can vouch for how great they sound.

For a short run from a desktop pre out to the speakers, not much difference. XLR is great for longer runs as they prevent noise pickup That being said I’m using XLR on my powered monitors for the time being.

As always it comes down to personal preference and using purpose.
I found the T5V being not so natural sounding, cause of the tweeter. Selected the 305P for TV usage being bit more relaxed and easier to use daily.
Some complain about the background hiss they make but atleast after 5ft/1.5m + other house noises cannot be detected. For the price, they still good option.
Kinda like the power led feature as well. Little glow on the JBL logo to let me know they on (remote power in use).

Just my opinion… I own the Adam T5v’s and they are very good for sure, They are currently being used with my sim rig along with a jbl sub… However on my daily goofing off PC I use the Kaliaudio LP6’s. The sound and range out of these 6.5 front ported monitors is quite good. They have dipswitches on the back for positioning and dynamic eq. These will bump quite well and do not need a sub in my opinion. I find their tweeters to be clear and overall very good for the price. ($149.00 apiece) Their are a lot of reviews out there on them as well. Just my 3 cents…