Advice on next headphones after DT1990

Hey new here. Started off with ATH m40fs headphones for field recording, and they were actually pleasant for the type of music I liked. I also used it for some production/sound creation (synths). These were powered by traktor z2, and a sprout 100. Then I ventured into a DT1990 for better sound quality in the production area, and a HPA4-BL which doesn’t really power the DT1990 all that well, but I still like the character of the amp.

Now I’m looking for those “fun” headphones. I have 6XXs on the way and thinking about the Zeus. I enjoy metal, electronic and bassy music. The zeus apparently handles the metal side of things but what would cover the electronic/bass heavy stuff?

The idea is to branch out and try new things. The tube amps are pulling me in but that price and Chinese quality is worrying. Should I try planar? Is the focal clear mg too much of the same as DT1990?

Zeus was just what I was thinking. You should give planar a try sometime, sure. Most all of the ~$220 various Hifiman options are worthwhile players. Respond very nice to EQ, I think guitars generally sound fantastic through planar. I’ve seen some argue that metal becomes grating through those kind of cans, but… you’re coming from Beyer - so you may not have the treble sensitivities that some have. I love Sundara, but I don’t put it in the “fun” category. I would try the Zeus out with your bass-heavy programming before you look to other options for those subgenres.

I’d play with the Zeus and Senn 6xx for a little, maybe throw in a planar. Figure out from that little batch what you’re really liking, what your next path is. Live in those cans for awhile, and three, four months from now you’ll know which moves to make next. THEN tackle the tube amp thing, knowing which cans to plan it around.

Thanks. Gonna take the slow approach you suggested.

I was thinking closed dynamic for bass, but then I saw reviews on the fostex 909s and how it lacked in the bass. It’s confusing. Could IEMs be the way for bass?

The DT1990s do fatigue me a bit after long listens, but I enjoy the nuances that they bring out of tracks that I’ve never noticed before. The m40s were more comfortable and less fatiguing but they didn’t bring anything new out of the music.

The DT1990s set a certain bar for performance and detail that, IME, it’s tough to find in conjunction with big bass. I just moved on from my 1990s and was looking for the same type of thing you are; the LCD-2 closed or something similar really fits the bill. Look to the used market if you want to keep costs down on something like that, as it will be worth the extra money.

Now I’m looking for those “fun” headphones
Is the focal clear mg too much of the same as DT1990?

I had the Elex’s for a while and they’re pretty different from 1990s, way more slam/impact on bass. They’re great for electronic / bassy music.

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Pick any Fostex biodynas