Advice on Open-Back IEMs

Hey there,

I’ve been wondering if there are any solid open back designed IEMs to try out. Main reason I want to get a pair is just for when I don’t want to wear headphones at my desk. Like when I will be going somewhere in an hour, but don’t want to have headphone hair. Or when I’m walking around but still want to hear things around me.

Sound wise, I prefer something with 6XX vibes. Warm-ish, comfy, musically fun to listen to. Not looking for an analytical pair of IEMs.

I know the Raptgo Hook X exists, it does have a Warm-Neutral signature. But I really don’t want to spend $240 on an IEM, I’ve already spent enough on sound making pebbles. Plus I hate that modular cable it uses. Are there any other options out there?

Any thoughts on earbuds instead? They make wing to keep them in your ears too

Ah shoot, forgot to mention. I can’t do earbuds. They just don’t fit in my ears, and hurt even with the foam tips.

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