Advice on purchasing truly wireless buds

I’m pretty tight on budget, so I wanna make everything count… I recently bought my Moondrop KXXS which I’ve been very happy and satisfied about.

Through daily life, always had the itch for a pair of truly wireless pair which has enough detail that I can enjoy. So far, I’ve only tested Airpods and Airpods pro, they weren’t good enough. I have been keeping my eye on the new Moondrop sparks. If I’m looking for decent/good quality sound, is it any good to purchase any truly wireless earphones(on a budget of less than $200)? Or should I just sacrifice the convenience in pursuit of better sound?

In my opinion true wireless just can’t compete if you are looking for sound quality. I much rather use my wired iem with Fiio BTR5.

In the end it mostly comes down to your daily usage; if you are using true wireless at the gym or something then go for it. For me it’s mostly office or home setting so I don’t mind the wires.

Fyi I did pre-order Sparks, should be here soon, using it outdoor walks.