Advice on RF Headphone setup for grandfather

Hey guys,

Looking for some advice on purchasing an RF Headphone setup for my grandfather, he currently uses the Sony MDR-HW300K, but the ear pads are super worn and the only replacements I can find are on aliexpress and we want a solution more immediate. They’re only for watching TV and movies, and he can hardly hear a thing so we don’t need to be super picky.

Currently looking at some Sennheiser models (RS120, RS165/175) or the Avantree HT5009, haven’t dealt much with these sort of setups before, so bit out of my depth. It’s important we purchase both the receiver and headphone as I don’t want to add any complicated steps for him like bluetooth pairing or I risk being 24/7 on demand tech support.

Our budget would be around $100, would it be better to buy a bluetooth receiver and a quality bluetooth headset, like maybe one of the Audio Technica models (m50x maybe?) or try to just get a headphone with a RF receiver already like the Sennheiser models above.

Thanks for your time, look forward to your advice :slight_smile:

The pads look to be pretty generic, have you tried removing them? As long as there isn’t a proprietary ring that snaps them in place, you should be able to just use about any M50x type replacement pad from Amazon. How that impacts sound, I’m not sure, but it didn’t seem like that’s a top consideration in this case, and would be a much cheaper alternative to buying a new set for him to get used to using.

Thanks FiCurious, you’re probably right, just didn’t want to purchase incorrect pads, or have to wait over a month for shipping from China, I’ll look into it a bit further.