Advice on the new cooler master series mh630 / 650 / 670

Hello there i was about to buy a new headset (cooler master mh752) but i juste noticed they have released a new series. Have anyone tried them out yet ? And could tell in wich way the new headsets are different in comparison to the mh752. Thanks in advance for the info.

The 650 looks like a bigger headphone. there’s a lot more substance to its build. The pads look better also. you’d think that the the lower model numbers would say which are better. 752 > 670. But the 752 is 84$. The 650 is 120$. But the MH650 is wireless, but you can connect a cable to it. where the 752 is not wireless. They both got the surround sound.

Comparing the MH752 and the MH670. The MH670 looks to be a superior headphone. The 670 has a bigger driver at 50mm over the 752 40mm. The sensitivity is 97dB on the M752 and 110dB on the M670. Frequency response 752 20-20,000Hz and 670 15-25000Hz wired. And the Impedance is higher on the 670 at 32ohm than the 752 at 26ohm

I mean, have you heard it though? Comparing base specs on paper really isn’t going to give you anything valuable?

yeah, i haven’t. thats where i was hoping the community here could help lol.