Advise for gaming/music headphones under 2k

Hello everyone, I’m new here! So I recently bought JDS Element III boosted, and I got Sennheiser HD800s, but I didn’t like them because there were open back and the lack of bass.

So I’m looking for a headphone that is for gaming(COD, warzone, and some competitive), but at the same time, they should sound amazing for music(hip-hop, some classic, and vocals are mainly dominating).

I’m playing on a laptop, so it must be closed-back for gaming, but it’s okay to have two separate pairs for games and music, for music it can be open-back

The budget is under 2000€.

I wouldn’t say I like warmth. I prefer more neutral. It may be a little bright. Eq is okay.

Thank you very much!!

Probably the best music/gaming headphone that was built for the exact purpose is Audeze Penrose.
After that maybe check out Dan Clark Audio aeon/noire 2.

Thanks), but, I’ve heard about focal radiance, why not them?

I don’t recommend focal after 2 sets have died or were DOA upon arrival. Great sound just not a fan of how fragile they can be.

I know Focal has a bit of a reputation for fragility, but that has been the opposite of my experience. I’ve been sorta rough on my Elegia. They’ve been dropped a dozen or so times, pulled off my head by the cord and bounced off my desk to the floor a couple of times, etc. they sound as good or better today than they did when they were purchased, and sho not even the slightest sign of damage or quitting.

Just my .02.