AEON 2 Noire vs AEON RT

Can anyone speak on AEON 2 Noire vs AEON RT…

Interested in hearing if anyone has interacted with both of them first hand. Or if not, has knowledge of them and can speak to the $400 difference. Is it that much better?

these must be new? I don’t recognize the names.

The difference is that the Noire is supposedly minimally improved from the Aeon 2.
And the RT is a kind of dedicated version of both.
I think the RT was made more to appeal to the lower price range and comes with a pair of Hifman headphones and something like Sendy Avia, Monolith, Gold Planar.

From what I’ve read about the Aeon RT; they’re essentially the Aeon Open X from Drop but available directly from Dan Clark Audio and they’re the same price. They stated it’s supposed to be more V Shaped in comparison to the Open X. Specifically more bass

I believe you can get RT as open or closed. I am talking more on the closed.
I really am interested in the Noire, but I can’t justify the price when the RT is an option. Thats why I ask if they are even comparable to each other.

Guess I can chime In… so RT is similar to open x but more V shaped in line of the harman curve… it’s more dynamic than the original flow as well and improved alot of issues.

Noire is aeon 2 in black with different pads iirc and some alterations… aeon rt, aeon flow, aeon open x, and aeon 2 are all different just in varying degrees… not too much info on noire however as it’s practically brand new

DMS has a comparison of the regular version vs the Noire.

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want to comment, supposedly dekoni’s aeon pads allow you to easily switch the pads on the aeons through some form of easier adhesives… just something to take note on, haven’t tried myself

I don’t like it when companies glue pads to the headphones. It always feels wrong taking them off.

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I read a review of the RT Closed earlier today which it concluded with -

" I thought the Dan Clark Audio Æon 2 Closed headphones, fitted with the optional perforated earpads, were among the best headphones I’ve tested – in fact, they’re among only a few audiophile-oriented headphones that I consider to have truly balanced and even response. To my ears (and to my measurement gear) the Æon RT Closed headphones are a little mellower overall, with a bit more bass and a bit less midrange energy, with a little extra emphasis in the mid-treble to balance it out. Dedicated audiophiles will probably want to pony up the extra $400 to get the outstanding fidelity of the Æon 2 Closeds. But if you want a set of audiophile headphones for listening to mainstream music that you’ll want to crank up and enjoy rather than listening for every last subtlety – and you value a super-comfortable, lightweight design – the Æon RT Closed headphones are a good buy."