Affordable Dolby Atmos elevation speakers

Sticking with the more Home Theater content on HiFi Guides theme, as many of you are aware the fed has given you $1200 and some of you might want to spend that money on upgrading your system. I personally want to get a new receiver that can pass a 4k HDMI signal to my TV and will do Dolby Atmos. I’m going to need to buy speakers for Atmos unfortunately I can’t do in-ceiling speakers since I live in an apartment and I don’t want to do the stupid Dolby bounce speaker. so my only real option is to do elevation speaker the problem is there aren’t a lot of choices and the ones from big brands like Klipsch and SVS cost way too much money in my opinion for an effects channel. what are some affordable elevation speakers solutions that you’ve come up with?

I’ve been running a set of the svs prime elevations. Love them. They re voice matched to my svs prime front stage. So seemless with the other speakers. You can send them a lot of power and they do well. I wanted to punch some holes in the ceiling but that plan got nixed by the boss… she like the svs up there. I order their gloss white ones and had to wait a while for them to come. Before that I had a set of Pyle speakers up there, that did the job… but the definition the svs dump out is very nice.

Side note the hardware they came with was top notch.

I think these are the “go to” if you cant put holes in the ceiling or your renting a space.

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