AIAIAI associations

Hey guys, I’m creating a fun video for Aiaiai and I need more info, if you like Aiaiai like me, or hate like others, can you answer some questions?

  1. Where and when did you meet the brand?
  2. what do you imagine when you hear AIAIAI?
  3. What color / colors do you associate with the brand?
  4. What kind of music do you prefer to listen with Aiaiai headphones?
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Wow didn’t expect to see this. Recently been thinking about my old tma-1.

I was introduced to the brand back when it was released and had hype coming out of head-fi for the tma-1. I believe this was maybe a decade ago.

Aiaiai as a brand has a style that comes to mind when I hear the name. I imagine a dj sub culture of sorts with a slick smooth and minimalistic design. Modular design also comes to mind.

Black is the color. Dark like the tma-1.

Hip hop and rnb is my preference.

Still surprised my pair hasn’t broken yet after all these years.

Is the video going to be a retrospective or something?

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i will create like a short motion video, so i need more interesting associations for more dynamics)

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A while ago when I was looking for closed back monitoring headphones. The TMA-1 lost in that “race” against HD-25 which lost to M40x’s.

Am planning to get myself a TMA-2 soon-ish :wink:

Modular Headphone, no-BS design (like the HD-25)

The light black of the TMA-2

As mentioned, the “ol’ trusty HD-25” and ATH-M40x made the cut over the TMA-1. Can’t remember specific reasons.