AIAIAI TMA-2 "modular" headphones

Unofficial thread for the AIAIAI TMA-2

These are modular headphones in the sense that you can mix&match the drivers/headband/cable you like. I saw some DJs use these while looking through recordings from events on YouTube.

Cost (strongly depends on parts) is anywhere between 150€ to 330€
TMA-2 Configurator


LTT Video from 2017 ← more of an overview

I take, I found another “very out there” headphone?

I am thinkin deep left field somewhere… strange headphone…

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I remember seeing that LTT video but nothing since. I guess they are still a thing so they probably aren’t total crap I guess. I wish zeos or someone that specializes in hifi would review these. If they actually sound good then this is a really cool idea.