.... aiderlot m5

【POWERUL PERMANCE】-M5 in ear monitors earbuds the 5BA drivers per ear,together with the carefully-designed 4-way crossover and 4 sound tube,make the sound field bigger,higher resolution,completely covers the entire audible frequency range with a sound that will take your breath away.Low frequency is fill elastic and not stuffy,intermediate frequency and high frequency Clear hierarchy,vocals sweet and mellow,accurate low frequency control transient performance,bass depth is even more amazing!

【PERFECT APPEARANCE】-M5 headset adopts resin moulding process, which perfectly integrates the earphone shell and the drive units. While protecting the internal unit of the earphone and increasing the life of the earphone, it also increases the earphone appearance transparent. Laboratory pure hand-made guarantees the quality of the headphones.The upper shell of the earphone adopts resin hand-painted design, and each upper shell is unique.

【THREE MUSIC STYLES】-The M5 earphone use of Physical frequency division technology allows you to tune the sound to exactly the way you want with 3 pair harmonic filter(Bass,Reference,Treble).‘Bass’ is suitable for listening to jazz, classical, DJ, rock, R&B music;‘Reference’ is suitable for listening to popular music;“Treble” is suitable for listening to soft music, pure vocals, violin, piano、classical music.

【TWO DETADCHABLE CABLE】-M5 wired earbuds contains 2 MMCX cables,A 4-strand 6N Oxygen-free copper silver-plated cable,low impedance,high sensitivity,low distortion,fine sound,high analytical power,gold-plated plug,Stainless Steel & Carbon Fiber shell accessories.The other is thin 4 strands of 5N Single crystal copper silver-plated wire,16 cores per strand,each core wire is made of 0.08mm silver-plated copper wire;powerful analysis function,with microphone,you can easily make and receive calls.

【PASSIVE NOISE REDUCTION】-M5 adopts ergonomic wearing design,through countless experiments,adjust the angle, so that the headset has a light and stylish appearance, but also perfectly fits your ears, comfortable to wear,do not need to play any music can suppress external noise -25db,let You are immersed in the world of music!


Can’t find any reviews apart from those on amazon, there’s not even a site for aiderlot or a reseller other than amazon, kinda strange for what seems to be a chi-fi iem.

Usually goes for 199 dollars or 169 euros.

So, has anyone heard it ? Is it good ?

Im going to buy them tomorrow, I can’t find anything on them other than the amazon reviews but if the listening experience is anything like the unboxing experience they’re sure to be good. I just signed up here today. I’ll report back with any info, probably around sun/mon of next week. I’m so enamoured with the fact that it seems like nobody had heard of these and there are zero reviews. The only thing that kind’ve worries me about them is the single 22955 knowles LF driver, I’m just hoping it’s sufficient for my needs.


Nice ! To me the fact that no one has tried them makes me hesitate even more to buy them, but it’s really cool that you feel the opposite way ! Really hope to hear back from you how you find them, since they do look really cool on paper, and in case they’re at least decent I’d probably get them just because I’ve never had a BA-only iem.

So, how are these iems ? Any impressions to share ? I’m really curious to hear