Airmotive 4s upgrade?

My airmotiv’s from Emotiva have been giving me crackling and static problems , and since i have already dealt with sending them in once i think its time for an upgrade. I have really enjoyed the effects of the ribbon tweeters but am open to new suggestions. One of the main reasons i chose the speaker was for being able to be good near feild for my production work but also be able to just be used as computer speakers and project a bit more play music games etc… Alot of my production work includes very prominent lows with very air highs and ambient synths (very contrasty) . My current source is a schiit modius/magnius as a balanced pre/amp and i have a scarlett 2i4 aswell . Im willing to spend about $500 to $600 and was looking at something like Adam , my main hope is a product with really good Qc as the emotiva’s have been a headache. Any suggestions appreciated.