AirPods Alternative

What is best alternative to Airpods?

A good alternative i’ve found are the Tin audio t2.

Thanks but I was looking for wireless/bluetooth earbuds.

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I would suggest you to buy a good pair of IEMs and then replace the cable with a bluetooth one. I have heard very good opinion about the KZ ZS 10 (and soon i will recieve them), also KZ sells a bluetooth cable for their IEMs

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Are you looking for an alternative because of fit because although its apple and some people may have their opinions they really are the best option imo for relatively affordable true wireless earbuds. Just my thought tho

Just looking around for options really, I’ve tried Airpods and yeah they are pretty solid for wireless earbuds they won’t blow your socks off with sound but very convenient.

get some wired IEM’s that have a removable cable and a DAC/Amp like the ES100 that you can pair to your phone and get some custom length cables so you don’t have any thing dangling.

then you’ll get the best audio possible! :slight_smile:


I don’t know what price range the air pods are in but I’d look into Klipsch’s wireless iems. I haven’t seen any reviews on them but knowing klipsch loves there V shape I’d imagine they’d be a fun pair :slight_smile:

and interestingly enough, the Bose SoundSport Wireless are pretty good too.

jbl everest ga110 They work with Google assistant, but I due believe it works with apple as well

I like the 1More Stylish true wireless earbuds.
They’re not overly expensive, and the sound quality off them is really decent. Approximately 6 hours of playback, combined with using 1 or the other headset (you’re not limited to one side for 1 earbud mode). Charger carries another 3 charges worth of battery as well.
Testing for video latency, on my Galaxy S9+, I did not see any latency.

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all these wireless airpod alternatives on the market are aac or aptx compatible

the Earstudio ES 100 supports LDAC, aptxHD, aptxLL, and the rest like the weak Apple supported AAC
it can be used single ended or balanced
it has physical buttons for play/pause, volume, last/next song
stronger battery than all these wireless buds
best app with eq, crossfeed, etc
you get a microphone
you can use every iem or most headphones
price for the ES 100 is 79 at the moment

if you have to have a wireless bud thing
you can check out the Master & Dynamic MW07 or the Sony WF-1000XM3

Well, if money is not an issue then the Sony’s

Or the Sennheiser’s

I’ve been using the Samsung Galaxy Buds and they’ve been pretty solid for casual listening & while out / commuting. Light and comfortable, sound is clean with good separation & decent soundstage. Frequency response is ok until you swap out the tips & they noticeably improve.

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I own Galaxy Buds and find most BT audio products kind of finicky at times. I don’t have personal experience, but I would research into AptX products to help with the audio + connection.

I bought the NuForce Move wireless earbuds from Drop and don’t like them much at all. There were issues for a lot of buyers that didn’t affect me, but they sound pretty poor, and I haven’t seen them back up for sale since the initial run.