Akg 361 replacement cable

So we got a new puppy and it chewed up my akg 361 stock cable. Does anyone have a bead on a manufactured replacement with the locking 2.5mm?

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Welcome to HFGF! I believe as a temporary solution you could simply get 2.5mm cable to connect it. But I will say, been looking for one to a friend of mine and so far no luck.

@brux and @CapistranoCables any of you guys make a custom cable with this termination? I’ve heard it’s a little different than the Sennheiser locking 2.5mm but I’m not sure.

Edit: Tagged Jason from Capistrano Cable wrong, sorry.

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Thanks. Ill try one out I have a few 2.5mm around. I just didn’t want to jam something in there. I really appreciate it. Yes if anyone knows someone making these types of cables i would forever be a customer lol.

I tagged both of them here for convenience, but you could go to their respective stores and ask them directly. :slight_smile:

Brux = Hart Audio Cables

Jason = Capistrano Cables on Etsy.

@brux does from HAC. It’s a custom order thing, but he does make them. I just ordered one.

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Perfect, thanks guys.