AKG K240, HIFIMAN HE-35X, Sennheiser HD 559 or SHP 9500. Which one to buy?

I listen to almost everything. I’m definitely not a bass head, but I don’t like it when the bass is missing also. Soundstage, detail, clarity, instrument separation, and imaging are all important for me. Are they worth the upgrade from the Superlux 668B’s? The price of the 668B’s is 65BGN, all of the headphones listed above are the same price at 160BGN. I have the topping mx3 so I figured I could buy better headphones.

Doubt any of those would be a true upgrade, I’d save for a hd560s based on your description

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all of those are closer to a sidegrade than a substantial upgrade I aggree with the previous reply save up more to get any decent gain

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Will do. Thanks!